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SMBRC: Staff

Meet the Staff

Marissa Caringella

Chief Administrative Director

Marissa joined the SMBRC in 2021. She has extensive biological research, natural resource management, and regulatory experience and has worked for both federal and state agencies. She earned a B.S. in Environmental Biology from Cal Poly Pomona and M.S. in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology from UCLA. Her responsibilities include coordinating meetings of the SMBRC’s Governing Board, Executive Committee, Technical Advisory Committee, and stakeholders; overseeing grant management of state bond-funded projects; supporting and collaborating on Santa Monica Bay National Estuary Program (SMBNEP) efforts; and, in coordination with The Bay Foundation and SMBNEP partners, overseeing, monitoring, and reporting on implementation of SMBNEP's Comprehensive Conservation and Management Plan and Annual Work Plans. Marissa also serves on committees and advisory groups to support water quality, restoration, and ecosystem and community health in the Santa Monica Bay and its watersheds.

Contact Marissa: Marissa.Caringella@Waterboards.ca.gov, (916) 591-1695

Caitlin Gray

Environmental Scientist

Caitlin joined the SMBRC in October 2019. She received her B.S. in Conservation Biology and Ecology from Arizona State University and had experience in conducting biological field investigations and ecological restoration projects. She has also worked as a scientific aid for the Site Cleanup Program at the Los Angeles Regional Water Quality Control Board. As Environmental Scientist with the SMBRC, her duties include supporting the administrative functions of the SMBRC, acting as a grant manager for state bond-funded projects, collaborating with The Bay Foundation (TBF) and other partners of the Santa Monica Bay National Estuary Program (SMBNEP) in carrying out and reporting on the progress of annual work plan tasks, compiling monitoring data, performing research and analysis, and preparing reports and briefing documents related to issues in the Santa Monica Bay watershed. Caitlin is passionate about creating resilient and equitable communities and protecting and restoring our environment.

Contact Caitlin: Caitlin.Gray@Waterboards.ca.gov, (213) 576-6647