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Governing Board


The Santa Monica Bay Restoration Commission was established by an act of the California Legislature in 2002 to monitor, assess, coordinate and advise the activities of state programs and oversee funding that affects the beneficial uses, restoration and enhancement of Santa Monica Bay and its watersheds.

The SMBRC is a non-regulatory, locally-based state organization whose functions and governance are prescribed in a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the Secretary of the California Environmental Protection Agency, the Secretary of the California Resources Agency and the Chair of the Watershed Advisory Council.

The Commission membership includes federal, state and local public agency officials and employees and representatives of other stakeholder interests.

The Watershed Advisory Council serves as an advisory body to the Governing Board of the Santa Monica Bay Restoration Commission.

By design, the Watershed Advisory Council's membership is inclusive, reflecting the diversity of stakeholders within the watershed. Representatives of local, state and federal elected officials, public agencies responsible for protecting the resources and water quality of the Bay, the business community, environmental other community groups all serve on the Council.